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Marine & Industrial Pollution Control Equipment & Systems

Buy!SKIMOIL®, INC. is a specialty design/custom manufacturer-builder, and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems. We specialize in all types of industrial oil skimmers and oil water separators. With just a few exceptions almost everything we do touches on oil somehow.

Got an oily water problem? Call SkimOil now!
Oil skimmers and oil water separators in stock!

Oil Water Separator Oil Level Alerting System

Floating Oil Skimmers


Oil Water Separators


Marine Equipment

Floating Weir Skimmer - simple, effective surface skimmer.
Floating Drum Skimmer - most efficient & selective skimmer.
SBR Decanter - Automatic!

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BRUTE - marine separator, USCG approved, IMO/MEPC107(49).
BilgeVAP - Marine water evaporator, zero liquid discharge
Industrial - low flow coalescer, air compressor condensate, API….

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MarineVAP - onboard gray water evaporator. Zero liquid discharge!
TheTankMSD - compact, easy retrofit marine sanitation devices.
OilEaterVAP - oil fired evaporator.
Fuel Filter Alert & Alarm System

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OilSmart SwitchABOUT YOU: Our normal customers include the petro industry: refineries, wells and oil platforms, steel mills, ocean shipping, tugboats, power plants, utilities, metal fabricators, chemical and wastewater treatment plants but also oddly enough — food oil facilities, cereal and cardboard/paper manufacturers and coffin makers.

There’s a lot of oil out there that has to be cleaned up!

ABOUT US: We’ve been doing this since 1990. We’ve learned a lot!

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Skimoil® systems are built to specifically address your particular problem and concerns, through the use of our existing specialty, unique and innovative equipment or technologies that can be used right off the shelf or modified, configured or otherwise packaged, to fit your needs.

Job #1 is always "Get the oil off the water NOW!"

Got an oily water problem? Call SkimOil now!
Oil skimmers and oil water separators in stock!
There's a lot of oil out there to be cleaned up

Marine Sanitation Device Consider — almost every elevator in the USA has a pit under it to catch any oil that could leak into it. Our Oilsmart switches and Oilsmart alarms keep that oil from being pumped out into the environment. The Clean Water Act makes it illegal to put more than 15 ppm of oil into our waters. Big fine$ await polluters. We can help! Our regular day-to-day business is providing oil skimmers and oil water separators.

Floating oil skimmers and oil water separators are in stock!

Floating Weir Skimmer

Brute Oil Water Separator

Floating Weir Skimmer Sizes

Fuel Filter & Alarm System at WorkBoat Show 2011

Cross-industry exposure and experience has taught us that there aren’t that many new problems — just new or recycled versions of the same old stuff. That’s where we come in. We bring experience, specialized knowledge and technologies to your oil water separator or oil skimmer project.

Ask RJ

STOP Paying for Oily Water Disposal NOW!

Most of what you’ll see here is our made-to-order Skimoil equipment, or our "Separator Systems" or "BRUTE" series of hardened marine and industrial systems and equipment, while most other equipment is manufactured by our long term strategic partners/suppliers who specialize in what they do.

We try to keep some basic skimmers and oil water separators in stock.
Need it soon? Ask — call now! (314) 579-9755

Since we’re not limited or married to any one oil skimmer or separator technology, we can objectively provide what is best for you and your application! WE LOVE OIL!

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MarineVAP WorkBoat Show Video
OOPS Filter WorkBoat Show Video | BilgeVAP WorkBoat Show Video

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