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Got dirty fuel? — The Fuel Purifier
"the filterless filter"

Let Fuel Purifier do the work! Saves & protects your expensive filters!
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Bubba-Proof! — No moving parts — Just clean fuel!
Simple in line separator — Lasts forever — Protects your filters
No replacement elements―ever!

Diesel Fuel Purifier What is a Diesel Fuel Purifier?
SkimOil’s TheFuelPurifier is a simple one step unit that removes 99.9% water and 95% to 98% of dust, dirt, and other normal and natural contaminates found in all diesel fuel. Even today’s "clean" diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike all other products on the market, TheFuelPurifier performs this function without the use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element, cartridge, or bowl. By removing contamination immediately before the fuel enters the engine’s filter system, the purifier delivers cleaner fuel (virtually eliminating filter clogging), and therefore greatly extending maintenance intervals.

How does the Fuel Purifier work?
The Fuel Purifier is a unique product utilizing a three-stage purification process using two well-known fuel separation principles, centrifugal and coalescence. Keep in mind here—that there are no moving parts—the only thing moving is the fuel—being pumped thru TheFuelPurifier.

Diesel Fuel PurifierAs the fuel enters the purifier, it flows downward in a circular movement through a internal baffle system entering the lower chamber of the purifier.

In the first stage, the velocity of the fuel slows down considerably, allowing any free water droplets and other contaminates to maintain their mass and not emulsify with the fuel. These impurities accumulate and remain at the bottom of the purifier until purged.

In the second stage, the fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop any particulates and attract, by way of coalescence, any water droplets still remaining.

Ask R.J.

Fuel Purifier DiagramIn the final stage, the fuel passes through the patented coalescence medium to assure that any small water droplets or particulates will be coalesced out of the fuel stream. Only the clean fuel rises to the top, providing a cleaner burning fuel for quicker ignition and better combustion. Consistent clean fuel helps to increase the engine’s dependability, power, and efficiency.

Simple enough? — YEAH! — and no moving parts!

Portable Tank Cleaning UnitPortable Tank Cleaning Unit
Portable Tank Cleaning Unit is a portable contaminate removal system for use in both above and below ground storage tanks. It is designed specifically to remove water and other contaminates common to stored diesel fuel.

Automatic Fuel Recirculating SystemAutomatic Fuel Recirculating Systems
Diesel fuel begins to deteriorate as soon as it is produced. This problem poses no threat if the fuel is consumed quickly. Unfortunately, diesel fuel may be stored for years. This deterioration affects the fuel’s pumpability and combustibility. Aged fuel tends to repolymerize, forming submicron particles, causing excessive wear to injector pumps, clogged filters and sludge deposits.

By recirculating your fuel stores, you can fight the contamination battle by constantly recirculating the fuel and removing water, dirt, and algae before it builds up and poses a threat to your equipment. When your fuel is free from contaminants, your equipment will show increased reliability and performance, as clean fuel burns cleaner.

Advantages of the Fuel Purifier
There are many advantages and benefits to the owner and operator with the installation of a Fuel Purifier. These advantages include the following:

  • Eliminates all water from the fuel system, thus avoiding time consuming break downs while preventing the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.
  • Removes all solid particles from the fuel system, including oxides, dirt, rubbish, and all other impurities with a density greater than that of the fuel itself.
  • Preheats the paraffin contained in all fuel, providing superior lubrication of the entire fuel system including the injector pump, injectors and cylinder walls (heater-optional part).
  • Reduces down time.
  • Extends the life of the injection pump and the injectors.
  • Extends the life of the primary filter.
  • Protects and extends the life of the engine.
  • No internal or external parts requiring service or replacement.
  • Increases the operating life of fuel filters.
  • The major component of fuel filters is paper. Use of TheFuelPurifier results in fewer trees being cut each year.
  • Reduction in land fill due to fewer fuel filter replacement.
  • Providing fuel that is free of water and suspended particulates is the first step in exhaust emissions control.
  • Significant improvement in exhaust emissions. Tests on TheFuelPurifier show that smoke emissions were reduced by 17.3%, carbon monoxide emissions by 10.4%, and nitrogen oxides by 5.9%.
Fuel Purifiers

Model TFP-50 TFP-80 TFP-400 TFP-700 TFP-800
In/Out Couplings
Top & Drain
.5 gal/min.
3/8" NPT
1/2"-3/8" NPT
2 LBS.
1 gal/min.
1/2" NPT
1/2" NPT
5 LBS.
2 gal/min.
1/2" NPT
1/2" NPT
11 LBS.
7.0 gal/min.
3/4" NPT
1/2" NPT
12.5 LBS.
15 gal/min.
1" NPT
1/2" NPT
13 LBS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Concerning the Separator Systems Fuel Purifiers

Question: Exactly what is the Fuel Purifier?

Answer: TheFuelPurifier is, by definition of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a combination Primary Fuel Filter and Fuel / Water Separator. It removes up to 95 percent of solid contaminants (down to approximately 10 microns) and 98 percent visible water, including emulsified water that may be in the fuel. TheFuelPurifier, depending upon the model, typically has six to ten times the contaminant storage capacity of other combination primary fuel filter / water separator products on the market. The oversize storage reservoir capacity is particularly important when you do get an occasional load of contaminated fuel.

Question: How does TheFuelPurifier work?

Answer: Unlike most other type combination Primary Fuel Filter, Fuel / Water Separator products, TheFuelPurifier product is not a spin-on type canister or a replaceable cartridge type unit. In contrast, the only moving item inside the Skimoil product is the fuel itself. The Skimoil product works on a simple centrifugal principle that swirls the fuel from the top to the bottom of the unit, where solid contaminants and water stay until drained. No canisters or messy cartridges to replace, no screens requiring cleaning or replacement. There are no internal parts that will ever require replacement. How’s that for "maintenance-free?" TheFuelPurifier also extends the life of the fuel filtration system provided by the engine manufacturer by removing algae, oxides, dirt, dust and prevents the formation of harmful sulfuric acid in the fuel. YES, TheFuelPurifier helps clean the air!

Question: "This isn’t important, I don't have fuel problems."

Answer: Don’t kid yourself. Water is continually being formed in all fuel storage tanks from condensation. This process goes on day and night. If the tank is steel, this also sets up the possibility of rust contamination. As processed fuel is transferred in the marketing system, it can pass through as many as eight or ten different tanks before it finally reaches your vehicle. In some of these transfers, it may be filtered in some manner, often it is not filtered. Once it reaches its final destination, your vehicle tank, what are you getting? And don’t forget, condensation is still forming water in your tank!

Question: "New Engines today have good filtration systems."

Answer: True. They also demand ONLY the Highest Quality Fuel entering the cylinders. Fuel pressures today are extremely high. For example, Bosch mechanical type fuel pumps have pressures set as high as 17,000 PSI. HEUI type Unit Injector Systems used by Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Navistar in their electronically controlled engines have fuel pressures as high as 28,000 PSI. As the fuel is transferred from the tank to the engine, you have but a single opportunity to catch and hold any and all contaminants. With these types of pressures, the smallest particle of water or solid contaminant can do a lot of very expensive damage in a millisecond. A lot more than the cost of TheFuelPurifier!!!

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