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Floating SBR Decanter
Easy Retrofit & Solids Excluding

Floating SBR DecanterSolids Excluding Doors:
Eliminates solids from entering the decanter head during the fill and aeration cycles. Automatically keeps scum out!

Predictable Decanting Can Save Cycle Time.
Sludge settling time, and decanting time can be combined to save total cycle time. Want an extra 10% production?

This can extend the capability of the physical plant up to 20%.

Floating SBR DecanterUniform Withdrawal:
Selected units can maintain a consistent withdrawal rate of supernate over the entire range of decant. Across the width!

Solid simple systems. No maintenance! Bubba-proof!

Self Adjusting Weirs:
Create a definable flow rate, moving the super-critical acceleration into the decanter, leaving sub-critical flow outside of the decanter giving the highest possible flow rate without disruption of the sludge layer.

Decants automatically! Dependable hands-off operation!

Floating Decanter
No need to determine the settled sludge level, since the decanter floats. It is not rotated into the fluid on a predetermined arc. Automatically bubba-proof!

Floating SBR DecanterNo Electrical-Mechanical Devices Required.
This floating decanter self adjusts all variables to produce unloaded supernatant throughout the decant.

Single Point Control
Effluent control valve automatically controls adjustments and operations in the decanter head to the demands of the decant rate.

Typical SBR Floating Decanter
Model No. HD-04811

Typical Floating SBR Decanter, Model No. HD-04811

  • Cost effective retrofit
  • Quality without compromise
  • Comprehensive product support
  • Industry leading patented technology
  • Numerous deployment configurations
  • Designed for long term reliability
  • Each decanter specifically designed for the application

  Total Meters Max Flow Rate* Dimensions   Standard
Model No. of Weir m3/min Gal/min L x W x H Weight Port Size
.5m 1.4 370 34" x 60" x 20" 160 lbs 4"
2m 5.6 1,480 76" x 60" x 20" 440 lbs 8"
4m 11.2 2,958 140" x 60" x 20" 640 lbs 12"
Higher flow rates achieved with multiple heads.
304 Stainless Steel Construction, Sump and Lifting Bracket 12 gauge, Float and Weir 18 gauge.
Flow Rate set to a desired rate of decanting normally 2.8 cubic meters per minute per meter of weir.
ANSI Flange Bolt Pattern Standard
* Flow Rate assumes at least a 18" head.
Dimensions and Specifics subject to change without notice.

Model HD-00811  |  Model HD-02811  |  Model HD-04811

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.
Floating SBR Decanter Floating SBR Decanter Floating SBR Decanter Floating SBR Decanter Skimoil FWS04811-SH Model "The WEFTEC ’06 crew" — promoting the NEW SBR decanters and floating skimmers! "The WEFTEC ’06 crew" — promoting the NEW SBR decanters and floating skimmers!

SBR Decanter in Action!
SBR decanter "idle". The rods on the weir are holding the trap door closed to prevent solids from entering the decanter during aeration cycle. When the gravity flow valve is opened the weir drops allowing the rods to release the trap door. The flow continues to increase, balancing the pressure between the internal sump and the out side fluid forces. The weir will continue to lower balancing the flow into the decanter. Note the surface is not affected by the flow entering the decanter 6-9" below the surface.  

Decant Operation

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